The 1967 Capitol Fur Inc. Mitchell Pattern Cover

One of the Mitchell Pattern M-1 helmet cover contracts talked about among collectors is the 1967 Capitol Fur Inc. example. These M-1 helmet covers have never been rare but they are a little more sought after than other versions. There are a couple of reasons for this. The first being the one year contract. The…… Continue reading The 1967 Capitol Fur Inc. Mitchell Pattern Cover

1962 Dated Early Vietnam War Helmet

This helmet cover and set up is one of the earlier versions that would have been issued to troops after the development of the 1959 USMC Mitchell Pattern leaf cover. The cover is dated 1962 and is made of a light cotton duck material. The material has a stiffer feel to it and has a…… Continue reading 1962 Dated Early Vietnam War Helmet

Dating Vietnam War Helmet Covers

Growing up in an Army Navy store was an amazing experience and one of the first things I learned how to do as a kid was read a government contract date. My dad taught me what the labels on different items meant. From WWI field gear to what was current issue and cutting edge in…… Continue reading Dating Vietnam War Helmet Covers

USMC 1959 Mitchell Pattern Cover

Here’s a good cover to have if you collect M-1 Steel Pots from the Cold War. We finally scored a decent 1959 USMC Mitchell Pattern M-1 Helmet Cover. These are not rare, but they are a little harder to find than a standard wartime cover. These early examples are made of a durable cotton duck…… Continue reading USMC 1959 Mitchell Pattern Cover