The Beginning

I’ve been putting together helmets since I was a kid. My family owned an old Army Navy store for close to 50 years. We would buy steel pots and put them together every type of part every made. From rayon to M-1 green buckle leather liner chinstraps. We had it all. Today I only collect Vietnam era helmets that are made using NOS or minty parts. Surplus store stocks are gone. I love collecting and I love history. My father was in the 9th Division, 47th Inf. Regt. in Vietnam ’67-’68. He was stationed at Bear Cat for a while and ended up in the Iron Triangle. I collect because of what I learned from working with him in the business. The store and my dad have both been gone for a while, but collecting still reminds me of the good times at our store. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you like the blog.