Unexpected USMC Find

I bought a helmet from a guy in Idaho and it arrived this afternoon. I was excited to see what was inside the box the postman handed me in my garage. I grabbed a knife and started cutting the tape. 

My first thought was, this looks like an early cover. It’s cotton duck and has a dark green shine to it as well. I flipped it over and began to look closer. 

The next step was to take the helmet apart and see what the Mitchell Pattern Cover was dated. To my surprise I found a white label instead of the normal black ink stamped on the tan side of the cover. 

Turned out the cover was an early USMC Mitchell Pattern model dated 4-2-1959. I kept going and took the rest of the helmet apart. 

The cover was in nice shape. Not too dry and the cover had slits put in it to allow for the bales and chinstrap to pass through.  The rest of the helmet turned out to be just as good. The steel pot, airborne liner and early war sweatband were near new. 

I cleaned off some mud that was on the leather liner sweatband and put everything back together. This cover is a great addition and I now have both of the 1959 contract dates. 

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my unexpected USMC find. 

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