The 1967 Capitol Fur Inc. Mitchell Pattern Cover

One of the Mitchell Pattern M-1 helmet cover contracts talked about among collectors is the 1967 Capitol Fur Inc. example. These M-1 helmet covers have never been rare but they are a little more sought after than other versions. There are a couple of reasons for this. The first being the one year contract. The covers are stamped DSA 100-67-C-0713 and only survived a single run. The two we show have the same markings plus an additional lot number. 

The second reason these covers are a bit more sought after is the material they are made of. Out of all the contracts this twill weave cotton feels different. Let’s just call it what it is, cheap. The covers were said to have not held up in the jungles of Vietnam. The print on the cotton is nice, but the covers don’t feel as durable compared to other twill or cotton duck contract years. When you find one and touch it you will immediately feel the difference. You will also start to be able to identify them visually after having one in you collection. 

We have two complete examples here in the helmet warehouse. One is a mint new old stock example. The other came out of a collection of helmets and is used, but on excellent condition. 

Here are a few more pictures of both helmets. The first set is the NOS helmet and the second set of photos is the used example. 

Here’s the used version we purchased from a collection. 

Keep your eye out for the Capitol Fur Inc. contract. Always nice to have an example in your collection. Thanks for stopping by and good luck hunting to helmets. 

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