M-1 Helmet Chinstraps 50’s-70’s

Identifying an M-1 Helmet can be a challenge. Helmets made from the 50’s and on have chinstraps attached with metal hardware. There are a few ways to use the chinstrap hardware to help narrow down the era the helmet was used. There are three main types:

  • OD 
  • Black with and w/o anchor stamps
  • Black “P” stamped hardware

1950’s era chinstraps have OD paint and sometimes feature contract markings on the quick release T-1 ball hardware. They also have OD hardware to attach to the swivel bales. 

Early 1960’s Vietnam War era hardware feature an anchor stamp on the hardware and the bale hardware as well. 

Late 60’s and early 70’s hardware did not feature the anchor. I’ve also included an M1C chinstrap example. 

Post Vietnam War chinstraps feature a P marking on the quick release hardware and bale hardware. 

Good luck hunting and I hope you find some great M-1 Helmets. Thanks for stopping by. 

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