Identifying 1950’s M-1 Liner Sweatbands

One of the best parts of collecting Vietnam War Helmets is the availability of parts. There are still a lot of new old stock liner parts available on the market. One of the best items you can pick up and hold onto are 1950’s era liner sweatbands. 

These early pre-war sweatbands will work in any M-1 helmet liner made from 1955-1963. Here are some easy ways to identify one of theses sweatbands. 

  • Alligator teeth on all 6 black spring clips. 
  • Unfinished / cut OD webbing that feeds through buckle. 
  • No markings, DSA Markings or 50’s  contract dates. 

I have most versions in my collection, but you always run across a date or manufacture you haven’t seen. 

When you see these in mint or nos condition buy them up. They will be hard to find in the future. Good luck hunting and thanks for stopping by. 

1 Comment

  1. Thank you Sir!
    I never paid any attention to the sweatbands before. Now I will have to look loser!
    Nice job.


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