Early Vietnam War M-1C Airborne Helmet – WWII Pot, ’62 Liner & Early 60’s Cover + Parts

This one took a while. Tracking down the correct early war steel pot chinstrap was the hardest item to find in mint unused condition.

This is the only correct early war one I’ve been able to find in the past few years. There are lots of LOT 02 P hardware marked ones for sale, but they are not actual wartime issue.

This setup has a WWII Front Seam depot repainted steel pot with swivel bales. The M-1C Lkner is a 1962 Westinghouse contract and the Michell Pattern Cover is from 1964 and made of the smooth cotton duck material.

When you are looking for an early wartime jump liner you can easily identify them by the A straps being riveted with the A frame hardware. Korean War rigged versions and later wartime examples have rivets used below and outside the A frame hardware.

This helmet took over a year to piece together. This is probably one of the hardest versions to find early wartime parts for.  Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoy the blog and the photos.

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