Covers In The Collection

Covers in the collection, 27 out of 52:

Trying to track down all the different covers used during the Vietnam War is a large task. Here’s the current list of what we have in the collection. Our goal is to document each cover with photos and text in this category.

  1. USMC WWII Issue Camo Helmet Cover Vail with netting and ties
  2. Camo Frogskin Elastic Banded Net – US Army 1950’s
  3. OD Cotton US Army Issue 1950’s Korean Era
  4. Camo Parachute Material 1950’s
  5. USMC Blue Anchor Overall 1953 Contract Date
  6. USMC Project Number 5501 DC & TSC DIR. MFG. 4 February 1959
  7. USMC Project Number 5850 DC & TSC DIR. MFG. 10 December 1959
  8. P.O. No. 5002-62 1962
  9. DSA 1-811-C-62 1962
  10. DSA 1-1940-63-C 1963
  11. DSA 1-3839-64-C 1964
  12. DSA 1-4540-64-C 1964
  13. DSA 1-6600-65-C Late 1964 – 1965
  14. DSA 1-6680-65-C Late 1964 – 1965
  15. Contract No. 5432 1964
  16. Contract No. 5626 1964
  17. Contract No. 5654 1964
  18. Contract No. 5656 1964
  19. Contract No. 5858 1964
  20. Contract No. 7005 Late 1964-Early 1965
  21. Contract No. 7057 Late 1964-Early 1965
  22. Contract No. 7219 Late 1964-Early 1965
  23. Contract No. 733 (Cotton) Late 1964-Early 1965
  24. Contract No. 7882 Late 1964-Early 1965
  25. Contract No. 7332 Late 1964-Early 1965
  26. Contract No. 8027 Late 1964-Early 1965
  27. Contract No. 8056 (Twill & Cotton Patterns) Late 1964-Early 1965
  28. Contract No. 8116 (Twill) Early 1965
  29. Unmarked Long Ear (Twill) Early 1965
  30. Contract No. 8133 Early 1965
  31. Contract No. 8189 (Twill) Early 1965
  32. Contract No. 9005 (Twill & Cotton Patterns) Mid 1965
  33. Contract No. 9085 Mid 1965*Contract No. 9196 Mid 1965
  34. DSA 100-2157 Late 1965-Early 1966
  35. DSA 100-3937 (Twill & Cotton Patterns) Early 1966
  36. DSA 100-67-C-0713 (Twill) Capitol Fur 1967
  37. DSA 100-67-C-3697 1967
  38. DSA 100-68-C-2168 1968
  39. DSA 100-68-C-2188 1968
  40. DSA 100-69-C-0944 1969
  41. DSA 100-69-C-1701 1969 ERDL Pattern
  42. DSA 100-69-C-1921 1969
  43. DSA 100-69-F-U992 Mnpls Soc f/t Blind 1969
  44. DSA 100-70-C-0822 1970
  45. DSA 100-70-C-0823 1970
  46. DSA 100-70-F-V075 Mnpls Soc f/t Blind 1970
  47. DSA 100-73-F-U289 Mnpls Soc f/t Blind 1973
  48. DSA 100-74F-U060 (Real Train) Mnpls Soc f/t Blind 1974
  49. DSA 100-74-F-U524 Mnpls Soc f/t Blind 1974
  50. DSA 100-74-F-U919 Mnpls Soc f/t Blind 1974
  51. DSA 100-75-F-V289 Mnpls Soc f/t Blind 1975
  52. DSA 100-77-F-U393 Mnpls Soc f/t Blind 1977

1953 USMC Blue Anchor Overall:  

This new old stock example still has the original contract stamp from 1953. You can see the double stitched seam where the two pieces of the cover are sewn together. These early 50’s covers also have the loop stitch around the cover ears that get tucked into the steel pot. The USMC eagle, globe and anchor is stamped in black on both the frog skin side and sand side. These Korean War era covers were used by Marines during Vietnam.

4-2-1959 USMC Mitchell Pattern Cover:

There were two contract dates for the 1959 USMC Mitchell Pattern cover. The first being dated 4-259 on the white label. These examples have the contract labels sewn on the inside flap of the sand side. This is true for both the April and December versions. This is the only type of Mitchell Helmet Cover to have sewn in labels. All others appear with black contract stamps.

12-10-59 USMC Mitchell Pattern Cover:

This second contract is dated 12-10-59. This example has the white contract label sewn on the inside flap of the sand side as well. The material used for these covers was a denim like cotton with the leaf pattern printed on one side and the sand pattern camo printed on the reverse side. The material is somewhat light weight and you can see green colors bleed through when you look at the sand side pattern.

1962 Contract Date – DSA-1-811-C-62

This is by far my favorite Mitchell Pattern cover contracted during the Vietnam War era. The 1962 dated covers were created using a very distinct cotton “denim like” material and the print on a new old stock cover like this one bleeds through on each side showing either green bleeding into the tan or the dark brown bleeding into the green. These covers have the short flap / ears and the contract date spread apart in three lines. These covers almost have a glowing look when you look at the lighter background the leaves sit on.

1963 Contract Date – DSA-1-1940-63-C

This cover is dated 1963 and was made with the short flaps. These covers are made with the earlier light cotton material. The cotton material is not as stiff as the contracts made from 1964 on.



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